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With over 80 years of combined experience, we are committed to excellence and consistency in your pursuit of continued education.

We specialize in training doctors and qualified health care professionals in the fields of Regenerative Injection Therapies (RIT) and bio-oxidative medicine.

We currently offer training modules in prolotherapy, neural therapy, peri-neural injection therapy, MSK ozone therapy, ultrasound guidance, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and bio-oxidative medicine.



Regenerative Injection therapies, Neural Therapy, Perineural Therapy, Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, andprolozone MSK Ozone.

Module 1 Certification

Regenerative Injections therapies for the appendicular Skeleton-Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot.

Ensure you provide the best care to your patients. Learn how to use prolotherapy, neural therapy, perineurial therapy, and prolozone.

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Module 2 Certification

Regenerative Injection therapies for the spinal skeleton-cervical, TMJ, thoracic and lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint, and costovertebral junctions (ribs)

Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience in advanced regenerative injection therapies. Immerse yourself in a unique educational environment, gaining the skills and confidence to expand your practice and help your patients achieve better outcomes.

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Bio-Oxidative Medicine Certification

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to apply ozone therapies and Prolozone techniques in your practice with our hands-on training process. Our Introduction to Bio-Oxidative Medicine course provides the foundation for understanding the profound therapeutic value that these treatments can provide for both acute and chronic conditions. You will learn the most clinically relevant Prolozone techniques with our knowledgeable instructors.

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Introduction to Ultrasound

Become an expert in Ultrasound techniques with hands-on training! Get the foundational skills you need to integrate Ultrasound techniques into your practice confidently.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy Training

Dedicated PRP courses are coming soon

Currently Platelet Rich Plasma Injection training is integrated intoour Module II regenerative injection therapy (RIT) course.

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Ultrasound Guided Injection - Beginner

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Ultrasound Guided Injection - Advanced

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MSK Ozone axial skeleton

Dedicated MSK Ozone courses are coming soon. Currently MSK Ozone  training is integrated into our Module 1, Module II and Bio-oxidative medicine courses'

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MSK Ozone appendicular skeleton

Dedicated MSK Ozone courses are coming soon. Currently MSK Ozone  training is integrated into our Module 1, Module II and Bio-oxidative medicine courses'

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NARIT Mission

To train doctors through high quality courses, educational resources and extensive hands-on experience to be safe and highly skilled injectors.

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NARIT Vision

To have exceptional programs and educational resources provided by skilled and experienced instructors drawing health professionals from around the world to be trained in the art and science of regenerative injection therapies.

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What Doctors Say

“I have taken several of NARIT’s courses and cannot speak highly enough of this group of instructors. Each incredibly well versed in their field, they encourage a safe, fun, and innovative learning environment wherein hands-on experience for students is prioritized. You are sure to leave a NARIT course with a wealth of evidence-based knowledge, improved techniques, and confidence to progress your regenerative injection practice. I look forward to their ultrasound courses in the future. Thanks NARIT!”

Dr. Claire Wilson


“Taking the advanced injections courses with NARIT helped me gain the skills and confidence to launch and grow my injections practice.The instructors’ years of experience shines through in their teaching styles, feedback and stories. I came away from each of their courses with knowledge that was directly applicable to everyday practice.I highly recommend NARIT for anyone looking to further their injections practice, and I’m looking forward to more courses in the future.”

Dr. Adam Godkin


“I have done 2 courses with NARIT now and I am continually blown away. The collective knowledge of these instructors is incredible and I always walk away with more than Ianticipated. I left the Oxidative Therapies and Advanced Injection courses feeling competentand excited! Highly recommend you receive your training with the NARIT physicians. I genuinelywish I could take every course they offer multiple times over.”

Dr. Robin Lewis


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