What is NARIT Family?

Unlock exclusive discounts and access premium content with NARIT FAMILY. Get access to special offers and take your online experience to the next level.

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NARIT Family Benefits

Discounts on future courses

Unlimited discount, you can use it in all the courses you want in the year.

Access to Exclusive video training material

Be ahead of the game with premium content and maximize your learning in no time.

Access to patient handouts

Improve outcomes for your patients with the best pre-treatment and post-treatment recommendations


Courses Payment Options

We want to share our training with more students
Learn about our discount options here here.

Early Bird Discounts

Be one of the first three students to register and receive 10% off'. Get in touch with us by email to receive your exclusive discount.

NARIT Family Pricing

Get $200 off all future NARIT courses.

Course for Second Time

We care about our students and we know that learning is a lifelong process. If you wish to revisit a NARIT course you have previously taken receive 10% off. Get in touch with us by email to recieve your exclusive discount.

First-year Doctors

If you are a first year student, we offer you 10% off. Get in touch with us by email to give your exclusive discount.

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NARIT Family (Get $200 OFF in all our courses)

NARIT Family (Get $200 OFF in all our courses)

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